interview Matthias Vandewiele

"This tattoo totally fits my creative personality."

Hairstylist Matthias Vandewiele had been in his head for many years with a leg tattoo, but what exactly, remained
long a question mark. First and foremost, it had to be a special design to have such a large
surface to cover. He ended up choosing magical creatures, in black and white.

 "I walked into Inksane in Roeselare, explained my idea and they were immediately able to make a good assessment of what artist
matched with that," Matthias said.


Amazing freehand technology

Matthias joined Sasha Zpoint, a guest artist with his own unique style. He combines
line work with abstract elements and watercolor, preferably in black and white, sometimes supplemented by
color elements.

"What immediately appealed to me about Sasha is his specific style, and I was really amazed
Because of his freehand technique. As a customer, it takes a lot of trust, but I immediately felt that he was
knew what he was doing."

Expression of personal creativity

"Because it's such a big tattoo, everything happens in stages and I have to go back a few more times. But
I am already very happy with the result so far. As a tattoo artist, Sasha does something different from others.
Exactly what it is is hard to describe.

But he really makes it "a piece of art," with lots of impressive shadow work and line play. I also think it totally suits me and is an expression Of my personal creativity as a hairdresser. It's really something special, something you don't see a lot of."

Why Inksane is the go-to for your tattoo.

"If you don't know which artist is best suited for your tattoo, you are definitely at the right place at Inksane
right address. They have such a great selection of well-known and less well-known, but always talented
tattoo artists from home and abroad. You can find someone for every style. 

They advise veryfocused and also provide excellent information and products for aftercare."

Client: Matthias Vandewiele

Artist: Sasha Zpoint

Do you also want a special tattoo that completely suits your personality? Contact Inksane.


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