Interview Shirley Vancompernolle

"I am immensely happy that I still gave the tattoo artist freedom," he said.

Meet Shirley

Shirley came to Inksane with the idea of getting an arm sleeve. Shirley is 32 and a graphic designer which makes her a creative mind. She loves Japanese anime series which she watches with her sweet cat. She also likes to spend time gaming and loves metal music. Despite her doubts surrounding her arm sleeve, her life's motto is to always do what makes you feel good, and not what someone else expects of you. In the end, she followed her own advice and her ideas resulted in a beautiful result.

Graphic designer Shirley Vancompernolle had been dreaming of a full arm sleeve for a while and had a lot of loose ideas in her head, but she failed to put the puzzle together herself. She then headed to Inksane with her Japanese-inspired anime designs. Tattoo artist Gennadiy turned it into an overall picture AND managed to hide an old, partially lasered away tattoo with this design. "I was never really happy with that tattoo, so I had it removed. But that didn't quite work out, so for years I was constantly walking around with long sleeves, even in the summer. The fact that I can now do that again is such a relief to me!"

From fear to confidence

"That I wanted a sleeve had been fixed for a while, but I was quite afraid to take the step again after the previous tattoo experience. I was never satisfied with that tattoo, so I had it lasered away. That only worked partially, which made me feel really embarrassed, especially in the summer when everyone walks around with short sleeves. I just didn't dare. In addition, I wasn't sure about the design either. I had ideas, but I couldn't make it into a coherent whole and doubted whether it would suit me.

Fortunately, at Inksane's, I immediately felt I was in the right place. I mailed a picture with what I had in mind and also one of my old tattoo. Pretty soon Anke mailed me back and suggested an artist whose style was closest to mine. The very next week I could go in for a first meeting. And it went very well, everyone was so friendly and Gennadiy immediately took away my doubts. He also gave very useful advice, for example, I wanted a text on my wrist, about which Gennadiy had his doubts. When we tried it out with temporary ink, he turned out to be right after all."

Nicer than expected

"Gennadiy immediately gave me confidence because of his expertise, so I also gave him further freedom to work out certain things or not. For example, he suggested incorporating red into the design - which I was then a bit skeptical about at first - but that turned out to be a real hit. The result is simply beautiful. Even more beautiful than I expected. Gennadiy had tremendous ideas and was able to put the puzzle together. Fortunately, because in my head it was a real mess."

Unique design from a true professional

"My design, which is inspired by my beloved anime series, incorporates several things, all of which symbolize the difficult years I have already endured. The Red Spider lily flowers, the snake wrapped over my arm, two heads based on a main character from an anime series, which I find I have many similarities ...

Thanks to this tattoo, I look back on that period stronger and with pride. Most of all, it reminds me of how it affected me. I notice that many people don't want this design themselves, but they do say it's a beautiful, special tattoo. The nicest reaction I got? This is not a tattoo you can get at an artist behind the corner, you can see it was done by a professional who is unique in his designs."

Why Inksane is the go-to for a successful tattoo.

"I immediately felt at ease with Inksane, thanks to the artist's warm welcome and professionalism. That immediately took away my fears, so much so that I gave him freedom in working out the design. It really turned out to be a beautiful result that completely fits who I am and what I stand for."

Client: Shirley Vancompernolle
Artist: Gennadiy Golovach
Tattoo artiest Gennady

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