Yens of The Mole gets a tattoo richer during Gossip Guy podcast

Yens Wittebrouck you probably already know through De Mol. During the filming of De Mol, he just relied too much on a game of chance, and as a result, Yens and his fellow players made a matching tattoo posted.

A banana on legs.

In retrospect, Yens didn't feel like having the exact same tattoo anyway, so he had another offensive carrot added. Even more recently, the fight between the carrot and the banana got a nice conclusion.

For example, he and his 5 other colleagues having a small banana tattooed. Why a banana? It fell into the theme of their most recent assignment.

As Yens shared in the Gossip Guy podcast with Ender Scholtens (who we also tattooed, by the way), he's actually not really a fan of matching tattoos. He hasn't regretted it, but to give it a twist to give, he had a ninja carrot attached to it that attacked his banana.

The struggle

During the filming of The Mole, fellow candidate Sven, challenged Yens on a game of chance. Namely, the game of chance was 'What is the chance' where two players have to give a number at the same time. Is the outcome the same number or is the sum of the numbers equal to 10, then the challenged must perform a "task. Guess what, Yens and Sven had thrown exactly the sum of 10, but that meant that everyone then had to have the same set.

And the winner is...

During the Gossip Guy podcast Ender had the brilliant idea of ending the story for Yens by creating a continued tattoo to be put in place. Yens didn't hesitate for a second and just went for it. That's where we come in.

Willy (@dinner on IG) had created a design beforehand that Yens fell in love with. Our resident artist Gennadiy thus went to work. The result? A cheering ninja carrot above the defeated banana.

Afterwards, we Ender himself got his first tattoo given, but you can read about that here!

What do you guys think about the ending of this story? Would you impulsive Get a tattoo with your friends? Be sure to let us know, we are curious!


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