Flemish colleges take over MNM: Janne gets her first tattoo

If any of you are regular MNM late night listeners, you may remember this. Exactly ten years in a row (meanwhile 11) gave MNM the chance for new talent to present on national radio.

For an entire week, it was up to students from several Flemish colleges to run program Student Late Night make, with a little help from the professionals, of course. Thus, the following colleges from the Flemish government were invited: RITCS, Howest Kortrijk, AP Antwerp, PXL, Thomas More Mechelen and Artevelde hogeschool.

Each time, students were allowed to delve into a theme of their own choosing. No tutorial by the station, just have his freedom. Of course, the young radio makers first had to introduce the topic and give MNM feedback on it.

That's how we got there.

A live tattoo? - Student Late Night stunt

Don't take it too literally, lol! What we want to say is, we got the chance to do the first tattoo for radio DJ Janne and this during the live radio broadcast.

In honor of Janne's internship, she and other students got to take over radio station MNM for an evening to present the program Student Late Night.

As already mentioned, this is a radio program where students get a chance to have their voices heard. For example, Janne chose to talk once about the stress that comes with first tattoos.

So to get over it, she wanted to be silly and just go for it. Consequently, we were there to support Janne ... and a little pain with the tattoo needles of course!

For the first time, radio station MNM allowed such a live stunt to take place and we had the honor of performing it.

Do you have your own nerves about your first tattoo?

Now, having stress for your first tattoo is very normal. Even though it was a small first tattoo for Janne, she was stressing. So we would like to emphasize that size does not matter. It is normal that you will get the nerves for a new one, painful, experience. But what can you do about it?

Mainly, you can prepare very well. First, it is important to eat well beforehand. A tattoo is a wound, so this means that your body's immune system will be triggered immediately from the first moment the tattoo needles touch your body. That can be trickier on an empty stomach. Think of this as the perfect opportunity to treat yourself with your favorite cheat-meal!

Choosing your tattoo artist is also important. If possible, try to match your own social battery to that of your artist. If you like to sit in silence, tell your artist. The reverse also applies; talking can distract you from the pain, but be aware that not all artists can focus with nonstop conversation going on. A book or charged cell phone/tablet is often handy then. The necessary professional framing can make the experience more or less enjoyable, so keep it in mind.

It can also be helpful to be mentally prepared. Know that it will obviously hurt, but especially don't make it worse for yourself by overthinking. Endorphins, the natural painkillers in your brain, are released when you get a tattoo. You can pin your hopes on that, too.

Depending on the placement and size, it will also be more or less. If you're going for a gigantic tattoo that should be on your ribs and it's your first time under the needle ... then obviously you may be a little miserable. So go for a small to medium-sized tattoo, on an easy plates such as the forearm or upper outer thigh.

What was your first tattoo experience and did you have stress? Are there things you wish you knew ahead of time? Let your voice be heard in the comments, we'd love to hear!


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