Inksane supports healthcare - light in dark times for AZ Delta

We all remember the difficult period caused by the pandemic who shall not be named. Everyone was affected, directly or indirectly. And for many of us, the strict regulations created challenges.

But without a doubt it was healthcare personnel the hardest hit. They were ready to help us, day in and day out. That's why our own Sandy Verfaille provided a nice gesture.

Dark times for healthcare...

The study conducted by Sciensano and KU Leuven showed that the pressure on our healthcare providers was even higher than normal during the COVID-19 crisis.

They had elevated levels of stress, fatigue and sleep problems. But signs of acute stress were also more common than usual. Not only that, but many more professionals considered quitting their profession.

As you can all imagine, this had a huge impact on their emotional well-being. In addition to the constant stress and external pressures, the care staff also had to deal with the deaths. The fact that patients were not allowed visitors made this even harder.

... so Inksane brings a light to the path

With this new addition to the hospital AZ Delta Sandy hoped to brighten the days of the healthcare staff, but it was mainly a way to "thank you to say. Society seemed to be falling apart, and the care staff was one of the few pillars of support left. Not everyone realized it at the time, but small gestures to support care and welfare professionals can have a big impact. We need them and sometimes, they need us.

To bring a little light into the darkness, Sandy Verfaille of tattoo studio decided to Inksane Roeselare to donate a painting to AZ Delta campus Rumbeke. 

Of course, this is not just a painting. Case manager and tattoo artist Sandy brought about for two weeks her skills in practice. The result is a beautifully painted image of a path, surrounded by dark elements, leading to a hopeful bright spot at the end of the road.

This reflects the difficult times we all went through, but it also reminds us that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. It is a reminder of sorts that nothing is permanent and that confidence, faith and perseverance can take us far.

Sandy wanted to show that healthcare personnel support could find in the community. Collaboration and trust are the keys to creating a little kindness spread.


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