Rodenbach Brewery changes logo ... what about the tattoo of their #1 supporter?

Back in the year 2017 Rodenbach Brewery decided to revamp their brand with a new label and logo. All well and good ... until the realization dawned on Chris.

His tattoo was no longer correct.

Meet Chris

© Joke Couvreur

Born and raised in West Flanders Chris, decided to move from Tielt to Roeselare back in 2008.

Since he spent more time in Roeselare than Tielt, this seemed to make sense to him. This is precisely why he needed new work and ra ra ra ra where he ended up: Rodenbach Brewery! To this day, he stands in charge of fermentation and infiltration. For him it was love at first sight. Eventually, beer also became his favorite drink.

So he decided to express his love for his employer and beer. immortalize With a tattoo! For example, he had a tattoo of the brand logo and name.

© Joke Couvreur


Then in 2017, as already mentioned, it was time for a rebranding for the brewery. New label, new logo. For Chris, this meant that his tattoo would no longer be up-to date. Although it is all to his liking and he is very content with his workshop, he informed Het Nieuwsblad That it was a bit of a shame anyway according to him. Of course, because of the outdated tattoo. But what could he do? That's part of the market.

© Joke Couvreur
© Joke Couvreur

Rodenbach tattoo

Although ... Chris' story came to the attention of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers, the partners of Rodenbach brewery. They offered him to have a new Rodenbach ink work of the up-to-date logo at their expense.

So, on the day of the Barrel of Rodenbach, Chris was invited to our shop, Inksane Tattoo & Piercing, to get the new tattoo. Business owner and tattoo artist Sandy provided a very nice result. The updated Rodenbach logo was now on his other arm and with a big smile he was able to leave.

We do have to say that this story does show a clear strong bond between the brewery and its employees, including how the value of strong brands resonate with people across the country and beyond.

Here in Inksane, we are proud to be part of the tattoo community in West Flanders and to help customers celebrate their favorite brands and past through ink.

If you had to choose between all the beers, which logo would you get tattooed? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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