Interview Robin D'hondt

"The idea I had in my head was perfectly transformed into two beautiful tattoos."

For his very first tattoos, Robin D'hondt chose the award-winning tattoo skills of Kam
Azat, who is part of the Inksane collective. In the studio in Roeselare, he had two issues on his
arm immortalize those very close to his heart: first and foremost, his beloved four-legged friend
Loki who is his great support and companion, and an old school music cassette. "I'm a huge
music fan and a child of the nineties. So that cassette is pure nostalgia."

Research on appropriate design

"The idea for the designs had been maturing in my head for several months before I joined
Inksane ended up. On their website, Russian tattoo artist Kam Azat caught my eye; I was
immediately intrigued by his work. Someone young, too, and with a drawing style that takes you to
A fantasy world. Very special. I felt that really fit what I had in my mind. That he was already
won many awards and is part of a professional studio like Inksane, gave me confidence in his
I articulated my own story and my ideas in a letter in English, so Kam more
had background information about me and my needs. And of course I also took a picture of my dog
Loki with him. Moreover, making an appointment at Inksane went super smoothly. At the front desk, they were very
friendly and helpful."

Immediately reassured

"A first tattoo feels a little tense, but I actually didn't have that problem anymore when Kam was working on it," he said.
began. Not for a second was I worried or uncomfortable. This is also because at Inksane they really look at
listen to your wishes, and no question is too much for them, moreover. My tattoos were done in two sessions
put: Loki was on my arm at nine o'clock, the cassette at six o'clock. Then I got the necessary
explanations to take care of them optimally, and also summarized in a document. I was even able to use
Instagram with Kam still if I had questions. I think that aftercare is really super!
I am very happy with the result. Kam perfectly turned the idea that was in my head into
beautiful tattoos. They have become two works of art that for me have a great personal
have meaning."


Why Robin recommends Inksane:

"Inksane is a professional tattoo studio that offers a wide range of domestic and foreign
tattoo artists has. Artists who have actually made a name and fame, so extra special
If you have a tattoo of that. I am very pleased with the smoothness and the
customer focus, even after your tattoo is done."

Client: Robin D'hondt

Artist: Kam Azat

Do you also want, like Robin, a professional tattoo from an international award-winning artist? Contact Inksane.


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