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The forearm is one of the most sought-after places to get a tattoo, so it is also the area most often tattooed.

This part of the body is extremely suitable for a first tattoo. Especially men often opt to get a tattoo here, but the forearm is also quite popular with women.

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history of forearm tattoos

Throughout the ages, tattooing has been done on the forearm. In some cultures, it was common to put a tattoo there that symbolized a tribe or a particular social class, for example.

For sailors, anchors or sharks were often placed on this spot. If we go back a little further in time, we see another use of this tattoo. Indeed, in the Roman Empire, slaves were tattooed on the forearm to indicate which master they belonged to. Forearm tattoos were and are thus very popular. In the present day, they are in great demand because they are easily concealed by long sleeves.

This can be handy, because not every employer is eager for an employee with tattoos. We see that in recent years this has been relaxed lol. It is useful to know that the skin on the forearm has a thicker layer of fat, this ensures that tattooing will not be very painful. However, the fact remains that the pain threshold is different from person to person, some will feel almost nothing while others will be a bit off. In some other areas of the body, the skin is very thin and the tattoo will hurt a lot. This is so when tattooing on the feet or ribs, for example.


forearm tattoo placement

A forearm tattoo can also be tattooed on the inside of the arm. The inside of your arm is the ideal place for a portrait tattoo. This is because there is less hair growth in this area. Due to anatomy, the inside has flatter muscles, so the surface is a flat canvas. However, a portrait tattoo is not the only option. Flowers also look great here, a popular subject with men is therefore the rose.

Furthermore, there is also the option of getting a symbolic tattoo at this location. A commonly requested tattoo is the band tattoo. This is a tattoo of one or more lines placed around the arm. The tattoo can symbolize equality, mourning or strength. Many choose to have it done earlier on the upper arm, but this is also perfectly possible on the forearm. Furthermore, names and texts are often tattooed on this spot. 


There are obviously several options when we talk about a tattoo on the forearm. One of these options is a sleeve. Do you want to fill your whole arm with tattoos? This is called a full sleeve. Would you prefer just a sleeve on your forearm? That is also perfectly possible. This is called a half sleeve.

In this case, the tattoo covers the entire forearm in other words, the tattoo is placed around the entire forearm. There is also a three quarter sleeve tattoo. These tattoos cover the shoulder and partially the upper arm (see photos above).


forearm tattoo inspiration

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