upper arm tattoo

one of the most popular places to get a tattoo

The upper arm is one of the most popular places for a tattoo. This is because the upper arm offers many possibilities and space, also the shape of this body part lends itself perfectly to a tattoo.

Therefore, there are different styles possible at this place, from different sizes to different styles and beyond. Read more here to learn all about upper arm tattoos.


Information about upper arm tattoos

So such a tattoo is placed on the upper arm, as the name suggests. This is tattooed above the elbow. In addition, you can also get a full or half sleeve. These are also easily hidden by long sleeves. This can be useful if your employer is not a big fan of tattoos, but this has been reduced a lot.

Because there is a lot of space on the upper arm, different styles and sizes are possible. Would you rather have a small design for your upper arm tattoo? This can be arranged perfectly. The same goes for very large and detailed tattoos: almost anything is possible. A small tattoo will get in the way if you want to get a sleeve later on.


Does an upper arm tattoo hurt?

Pain is relative and very subjective, but we still submit that the outside of the upper arm is one of the least painful areas for a tattoo. The inside of the upper arm is a different story. The skin here is thin, so this will be a fairly painful place for your tattoo.

A tattoo on the back of your upper arm is also perfectly possible. It may seem less obvious, but it often produces beautiful results. The pain is manageable here, too..


upper arm tattoo inspiration

There are, of course, several options in placement, sizes and designs. One of these options is a sleeve. Do you want to fill your entire arm with tattoos? This is called a full sleeve. Do you want a sleeve only on the upper arm? This is called a half sleeve and so this is perfectly possible. In this case the tattoo covers the entire upper arm, i.e. the tattoo is placed around the entire upper arm. A sleeve placed on the upper arm up to the elbow is called a three quarter sleeve. You can also run this sleeve across the chest. 

Below you will find lots of inspiration for tattoos on the upper arm.


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