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Tattoos for women

TATTOOS FOR WOMEN Female tattoos: cliché? There are women (and men) walking around with butterfly or flower tattoos, but does that make them necessarily feminine? We prefer not to think in stereotypes. Everyone gets tattooed what they prefer, regardless of whether it is a typically "masculine" or "feminine" design. Some tattoo styles appeal more to women. These will [...]

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Tattoos for men

TATTOOS FOR MEN Are tattoos M/F/X? You guys are searching massively for tattoos for men or for women. But typical men's tattoos: do they exist? In this article we will focus on tattoos and designs, which are mainly popular among men. Of course, this does not mean that women cannot find these tattoos beautiful. Which styles are most popular

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Flower Tattoo

FLOWER TATTOO Roses are red, violets are blue and a flower tattoo looks amazing on you. A bouquet of flowers: who doesn't get happy? They are (usually) colorful, there are thousands of different varieties and they immediately brighten up your home. A flower tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos. You can have one flower

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Arm Tattoo

ARMTATTOO arm tattoos: For beginners and collectors. When you get an arm tattoo, you share your tattoo with the world. Tattoos on the thighs, back or chest can be easily hidden. And if visible tattoos are not allowed in your workplace, you can still get your back tattooed. But bare arms make it easier to walk around anyway:

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