Medusa tattoo meaning

You want a Medusa tattoo,.... but do you know its meaning?

Medusa is a popular character from Greek mythology. More and more people want a Medusa tattoo on their body, but why exactly? Well, after reading this article, your questions may be answered. The Medusa tattoo meaning will certainly be clear, so scroll down!
All photos on this page are tattoos placed by our Inksane artists.

The story behind Medusa: a look at Greek Mythology

The history of Medusa comes from ancient Greece, where she is said to have been half-woman and half-serpent; a monster, a Gorgon. She was the only one of her 2 sisters who was actually born an ordinary human being. According to mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful girl, if not the most beautiful. She possessed not only beauty, but also much purity. Despite the fact that many men desired her, she remained very well behaved. She would eventually become the priestess of Athens' temple, so out of respect she remained a virgin ... until she ended up Poseidon.

Like the others, Poseidon could not pull his eyes away from her; her appearance was irresistible. Several times he tried and each time he was rejected.

The photo that follows here is called "sketchy" style:

medusa maycon tattoo bil

So instead of taking a no as a no and accepting it, he forced himself on her. Out of fear, she ran to Athens with the hope that she would provide protection and safety for Medusa. So this was not the case. Poseidon raped her straight up and he got what he wanted.

Since it was unthinkable to punish the god, king of the sea Poseidon according to Athens, Medusa was allowed to catch it. The long, beautiful hair Athene once envied was now, thanks to her, a mound of snakes. This, however, was not the end of Athene's revenge. Medusa's elegant feminine features were now hideous to look at. Those who dared to make eye contact with her? Turned into a stone and as a consequence, killed.


The 2 pictures that follow are called "bio-organic" style. These are set by our artist Roman Hide.

medusa spooky fase roman hide
female medusa tattoo

And now, the meaning of the Medusa tattoo

Since Medusa was punished for having had sex with Poseidon, even though it was against her own will, we can conclude that she was a victim rather than the criminal. Transformed into a monstrous Gorgon, she was later beheaded by Perseus.

One of the most misunderstood women ... and unfortunately, she is not the only one.

As rape victims deal with victim blaming to this day, people have a Medusa inked on their bodies as empowerment for themselves.

The figure of Medusa also means more than this in itself. If you are not a rape victim you can tattoo this as support for survivors, as she is also a symbol of courage. Not only courage, but the symbol shows support for feminism as well as boys who are victims.

Of course, you are not obliged to limit yourself because of these meanings of the Medusa tattoo, you can also get this done when you just find it beautiful or appreciate its mythology!


The 2 photos di enu follow we rather call fine-line, and are set by our artist Maycon Espindola.

snake and flowers backpiece
snake and flowers ankle

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medusa oil painting jura
medusa tattoo bil

Are there things I should consider if I want Medusa on me?

Briefly, as with any tattoo, yes. What designs do you like and what style will you go for? If you know this in advance, you will make the tattoo artist's life much easier. This said, think carefully about which artist you want to go for and do your research!

Where and how big do you want it? You don't want a mini design in the middle of your buttock, as well as a huge piece will go hard on your (as an example) elbow. So the message is, keep proportion in mind.

And last but not least least, consider the reason. As we have already disclosed, people usually have a Medusa tattooed on their body because it is a sign of strength. Thanks to (or due to, decide for yourself) Tiktok, the meaning of Medusa is associated with victims of sexual abuse. People often can't resist and meddle in other people's affairs, so you will probably get some questions. If you're considering a Medusa for aesthetic and you couldn't/won't deal with that, go for something else! The sky is the limit with tattoos.

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medusa mask tattoo
gennadiy meudsa tattoo

Okay, but what Medusa tattoos options are there now?

Fortunately, there are more than enough styles to choose from, each with its own unique designs. We've listed the most popular ones to make your life easier!

  • The minimalist style: simple, elegant and often depicts only Medusa's head.
  • Bold will hold: if you want the opposite of minimalism, get yourself an old-school version of it. Thick lines, bright colors and easy to read!
  • If you want to go a little more delicate and feminine, add some flowers around your Medusa!
  • Want something "real" that seems to jump off the skin? Photorealism for you, my guy.
  • If you are fond of the look of an etching, go for a linework version of Medusa. With some dotwork combined get an even more unique design.
  • Dark and creepy more your thing? Blackwork that uses only black ink while creating striking contrast is your go-to!
  • Perhaps, fun and playful instead of creepy? Well, a cartoon tattoo with bright colors and cartoon character features is also an option.

Do you guys have anything to add to this? Let us know in the comments!


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patiri medusa
horror medusa tattoo

A medusa tattoo can have many different meanings. For survivors of sexual violence, the medusa tattoo represents strength and empowerment. Because Medusa went through this too.

The Medusa tattoos in the above examples are usually 1 day's work. And so not really a small/cheap tattoo.

Count between 500 and 1500€.

A Medusa tattoo is only bad if you get it done by a bad artist 😉


Medusa is more often placed on women, because they relate more quickly to a female character. However, there are also men with a Medusa tattoo, but rather e.g. embedded in a full sleeve of a certain theme.

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medusa sleeve roman hide
man face with snakes tattoo
snake tattoo
medusa maycon leg tattoo
meduca inner lower arm
medusa tattoo bil

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