to infinity and beyond.

The popular infinity sign reigns as queen within fine line and small tattoos. The uncomplicated basic shape of the infinity sign makes it a popular symbol for tattoos. From the simple basic shape of the infinity sign, there are ceaselessly many ways to add other elements. Curious about more? Then be sure to read on!

Greek mythology

Did you know that the eight form of the infinity sign is the lemniscate is called, which in mathematics represents a reclining eight? Or that the design refers to an ancient Greek mythology?

Meet Ouroboros: the mystical creature that bites its own tail and forms a lemniscate. The symbol appears in many cultures and so there are many other mythologies, theories and stories. Each with their own meaning of eternity and infinity. 

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The two circles that make up the lemniscate represent harmony and equality. You can think of it as equality between men and women or respect between cultures. So it all goes a little beyond "eternal love.

That said, without meaning, even whole nice designs existence. When you give our artists carte blanche on an infinity tattoo design ... Trust us, they will blow your socks off.



From the simple basic form of the infinity sign, there are incessant ways To add other elements to it. That is why the tattoo is virtually graces every spot on the body. Although the arm is and remains the most popular and ideal place, along with the wrist.

One of the most popular elements to combine with an infinity tattoo design is the spring. The meaning as light as a feather? Surely not. The feather symbolizes purity, freedom and progress. Couple that with infinity again? Again, you get thousands-and-one meanings. That way there is something for everyone and the tattoo stays interesting.

In addition to springs are texts also a popular choice. Often a word or phrase takes the place of a piece of lemniscate. This makes the message even more powerful. Our in(k)sane artists are responsible for the design, but you decide what it means to you.


Are you convinced, and ready for a infinity tattoo?

Send a email to our reception or stop by with your ideas and other important info. They will match you with the best artist. The reception can also give you a guide price. This info is free and without obligation. You do not need to fix an appointment. The receptions of the different shops can be reached through this link!


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