nose piercing

nose piercing nostril

Nose Piercing

NOSEPIERCING The most popular piercing on the Inksane team. The nose piercing is one of the oldest piercings in the world. In Hinduism, every woman has a piercing through her left nostril: this is said to be good for her fertility. Due to punk culture, the nose piercing got a bad reputation, but currently it is again more popular than [...].

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septum piercing inksane

Septum Piercing

SEPTUM PIERCING About half of Hollywood walks around with a septum piercing. From Jessica Biel to Rihanna, and from Zoë Kravitz to Zendaya. The septum piercing is a staple on the streets. Even if you are not allowed to wear piercings at work or school: a septum piercing is still possible. After 6 to

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