Here you can find information about all kinds of tattoo styles.

Bio-organische black and grey tattoo op onderarm en hand. Schedel. Gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing.


Bio-organic tattoos: flowing along with human anatomy Do you like tattoos that like the scary out of

New School

New school tattoos.... ..thx to oldschool Those who want to bring more color into their lives do so with a new school tattoo. New school tattoos jump right out at you these days. They are known for their experimental style centered on vibrant color schemes and line work. For those with their ...

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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos, what you need to know: The famous tattoo artist Bang Bang introduced the fine line tattoo to the general public through his work on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Selina Gomez. Not surprisingly, this minimalist style is often popular with people who want something simple and unique in their ...

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Surrealistische tattoo op onderarm, gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing. Vrouwengezicht met rubics cube.


Surrealism is destructive, but is destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.


With micro-realism, every detail is worked out meticulously. Although these tattoos are small they contain...


Small tattoos.... ..small but nice. When you hear the word small, you actually know enough.


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