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Birth flower tattoo placement according to meaning

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Are you considering a tattoo with your birth flower? You are not alone, as it has become a real hype in recent years!

Like the star signs, birth flowers symbolize the month in which you were born. 

The link is easy to make, as these flowers bloom in that particular month, and thus were historically given as gifts to birthdays. 

We also associate certain characteristics with this selection of flowers, more on that later in this post.

What is a birth flower? What is a birth flower tattoo?

A birth flower is a flower that blooms in during your birth month. There are many different tattoo designs inspired by popular birth flowers. They are also set in different tattoo styles. 

Whether you are looking for something delicate in fine line beautiful or something more bold and experimental in watercolor, birth flower tattoos are a great way to show your personality and reflect your deepest self. 

Which birth flower for me?

When choosing birth flowers, you are pretty much tied to what flowers bloom in your birth month. Usually there are 2 flowers that bloom, only the month of November has only one. Which one? Read more... 

If you have a choice, you can take a look at which traits are most compatible with your character.

By the way, did you know that as an alternative, some people choose to place birth flower of their child.

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What is the history of birth flowers?

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The history of the birth flower can be traced To Roman times. There, flowers were offered to the gods and given as gifts on birthdays. 

Those flowers, of course, had to be pickable at that time, and so over time the birth month became associated with a flower. In addition, some properties were eventually attributed to flowers. 

With the increased popularity of the fine line technique in recent years, tattooing delicate flowers has therefore become very trendy.

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The different birth flowers

January: carnation and snowdrop

The first month of the year we decide on the carnation. This birth flower symbolizes wonder, deep love, affection, purity, happiness and gratitude.

A second possibility is the snowflake. It often peeps out of the snow as the first flower, which is why we associate hope, rebirth and love with that birth flower.

February: violet and iris

One of the coldest months brings us the violet symbol of spiritual wisdom, modesty, faithfulness and humility.

Another topper is the iris, which represents exuberant character, faith and wisdom.

March: Daffodils and Jonquils

March brings us the daffodil which also represents hope, as well as rebirth and rejuvenation.

In turn, jonquils is characteristic of innocence, strength and expressiveness.

April: daisy and sweet pea

In April, we go for the daisy, symbolizing simplicity, positivity and an open heart.

Then, with the flower sweet pea, we associate dignity, elegance and a first love.

May: lily-of-the-valley and hawthorn

May is the month of flowering par excellence. Usually people choose lily-of-the-valley as their birth flower here, which represents sweetness, motherhood and humility. 

Hawthorn is also an option if hope, supreme happiness and purity appeal more to you.

June: rose and honeysuckle

Between spring and summer, the rose blooms. Do friendship, admiration, love and romance lie in your character? Then this birth flower is for you.

Are you more the type of person who is always happy and joyful? Then choose the honeysuckle.

July: delphinium and water lily

The real start of summer brings us delphinium as a birth flower. This flower characterizes positivity, an open heart, dignity and elegance. 

There is also the water lily which symbolizes Integrity and positivity

August: gladiolus and poppy

In full summer, we choose the gladiolus to which we associate character, loyalty, integrity, perseverance and superficial infatuation.

You could possibly choose the poppy as an alternative, if deep-seated emotion and comfort are closer to your character. 

September: aster and morning glory

In the transition month between summer and autumn, the aster blooms. We associate wisdom, honor, fidelity, innocence and purity with this birth flower. 

A second option is the "morning glory," which represents love, devotion and impermanence.

October: marigold and cosmos

October is the month of the marigold. This flower represents passion, creativity, drive and courage.

Also, some prefer the cosmos flower, which symbolizes order and harmony. 

November: chrysanthemum

In November we find the chrysanthemum: this beautiful flower we associate with loyalty, sustainability, honesty and passion. 

December: holly and daffodil

Holly is one of the two birth flowers of December. It symbolizes fidelity, respect, great character and hope. The daffodil, in turn, represents rebirth and renewal.

Are you in the mood for a new tattoo but don't know what to choose? Hopefully we've inspired you with this blog for the perfect tattoo for you based on your birth flower!


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