Kate Vainer

Guestartist from Russia. Linework, dotwork, mandala's but also realism in black n grey + colour. Back in the shop in September, from the 14th until the 30th. You can book projects of 1 to 2 days with her. If you want a sleeve, she can only do a part of it, so it would be a collection then of different artists.

Dan Mihalache

Guestartist, based in England. Has worked out his own style wher he combines realism with dot- and linework. For the second time in the shop! Is available 1 to 2 times per year. You can book with him for projects of one to two days. If you want a bigger project done by this artist, you should now that it can take quite a while before it will be finished. Off course it can be a part of a collection done by different artists. Is with us from 18 until 31/10.


Guestartsit from Hungary. Realism in black n grey. One-time guest, at least for now. So not realy available for sleeves. Unless you want a collection of different artists. You can book in projects of 1 or 2 days. Stays with us from 12 until 17/06.

Olga Sergeeva

Guestartist from Russia. Realism colour and black n grey. Frequent guest, about 1 to 2 times a month, so suitable for bigger projects spread in time. Specialises in animals and dog portraits. Foto's

Stanislav Buliga

Guestartist from Moldavia. Does realism in his own specific style and specific grey colour use. Also does realism in colour. He is with us until the summer holidays of 2017, further dates not known for now. Fully booked until juli 2017 Foto's


Guestartist from Romania. Returs several times per year and stays with us for one month per visit. You can book big projects with him, spread over the year Only realism in black n grey Foto's


Guestartist from Latvia, He is with us every month for about 2 weeks, then he goes home for 3 weeks, is back with us for 2 weeks, goes home again, ... So suitable for bigger projects. Differenst styles + realism - also cover-ups Fully booked until august. Available again from september on. Foto's


Resident artist, from England Availble for smaller or bigger projects. Styles: neo traditional, small realistic projects, allrounder Foto's


Resident artist, from Engeland. Styles: neo traditional, all rounder, oldschool, clean linework. Available for smaller and bigger projects Foto's


Residentartist From Moorselede (Belgium) Style: realisme, black n grey Available for smaller and bigger projects like sleeves, backpieces,... Fully booked until the end of august 2017. Foto's


Sandy Tattoo artist and founder of Inksane Styles: photorealism, mainly portraits, skulls and flowers. Only a few weeks waiting period Foto's


Resident artist, from Antwerp. Styles: maori, pacific, polynesian, japanese Available for smaller project, sleeves, clean linework Waiting period about 3 months Foto's


Resident artist, from Roeselare Styles: realism, black n grey, colour, watercolour Available for bigger projects like sleeves, .... Waiting period about 5 months. Foto's