Zoltán Krizsán

Guestartist from Hungary. Specialized in colour realism.
Has his own pictorial style.
Only with us for 4 days at the end of June 2018
So only available for one day projects.


Chris Stysko

Artist from Poland. specializes in linework, mandala's, ....
You can also book him if you want something in the old school or new school style.
So he does a lot of different styles.
He is with us for 2 weeks per month. So also available for bigger projects likes sleeves, chestpieces, ....


Tessa Von

Tattoo artist. Did her training at Inksane Stles: blackwork, From Belgium, resident artist at the shop, so you can book larger projects with her too. Waiting period +-3m Pictures


Guestartsit from Hungary. Realism in black n grey. For now with us until September 2018. Available for bigger projects too. Waiting period about 2 months.

Ivan Koribanic

Guestartist from Slovakia Is a guest in our shop 1 to 2 times a year. So more suitalbe for projects of 1 to 2 days. Realism, colour and black n grey. Foto's

Olga Sergeeva

Guestartist from Russia. Realism colour and black n grey. Frequent guest, about 1 to 2 times a month, so suitable for bigger projects spread in time. Specialises in animals and dog portraits. Foto's

Jura Bedic

Guestartist from Croatia. Skulls, Japanese style, bio organic Is with us 2 times a year. 2018: from the 16th of April until the 28th + from the 4th of June until the 16th


Residentartist From Moorselede (Belgium) Style: realisme, black n grey Available for smaller and bigger projects like sleeves, backpieces,... Fully booked until the end of august 2017. Foto's


Sandy Tattoo artist and founder of Inksane Styles: photorealism, mainly portraits, skulls and flowers. Only a few weeks waiting period Foto's


Resident artist, from Roeselare Styles: realism, black n grey, colour, watercolour Available for bigger projects like sleeves, .... Waiting period about 5 months. Foto's