Arm Tattoo

ARMTATTOO arm tattoos: For beginners and collectors. When you get an arm tattoo, you share your tattoo with the world. Tattoos on the thighs, back or chest can be easily hidden. And if visible tattoos are not allowed in your workplace, you can still get your back tattooed. But it's still easier to walk around with bare arms: ...

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wolf watercolor tattoo

Wolf Tattoo

WOLFTATTOO Beautiful & Compassionate. This predator with shiny fur has recently returned to Belgium, but a wolf tattoo has long been one of the most popular tattoos at Inksane. Man need not be afraid: a wolf's senses are much better developed than ours. He has already ...

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sugar mexican skull tattoo

Skull Tattoo

SKULL TATTOO Like it or not: we are all curious about death. This is why a skull tattoo is a popular design: some want to use it to show that they are not afraid of death. Others acknowledge their immortality with this tattoo. Or maybe you simply want a macabre tattoo. Skull tattoos come in a variety of tattoo styles, and need ...

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