The Process

How can you book an appointment with Inksane?

Before you contact us to plan an appointment, it’s important to be thoroughly prepared. If you know what you want, we’ll be able to expertly guide you through the entire process.

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide on the style of tattoo you’d like.
You can find a list of different styles here!
If you’re not quite sure what to call the style you’d like to pick, you can always show some pictures. Based on the style you choose, we’ll select the most appropriate artist that can fulfill your project as best as possible.

Ever thought about having a full sleeve?
Keep this in mind from the start! That way the artist can also keep it in mind when making your design.

The next step is choosing the themes/elements/meaning you’d like to incorporate in your tattoo.
You don’t need to find pictures! We often have customers bringing the same pictures when they come to book an appointment. This will make the design less original. The best option is letting your artist search for pictures, because our artists have more sources they can tap into to find the best pictures. It’s also important to know the artist will choose the pictures according to the composition and placement of the tattoo. That way, your design will always follow the natural flow of your body.

An exception to this rule is when you want to have a certain symbol, text, … as a tattoo. The artist will need an example of this. When you want a portrait-tattoo of someone close to you or a pet, you can obviously send pictures. Make sure you send as much pictures as possible: the more pictures you send, the easier it is for the artist to choose the appropriate picture and make the end result gorgeous.

Have you seen a tattoo on somebody else and you want the same one?
We’ll have to disappoint you: our artists don’t copy original works by other artists. They can, however, make their own design based on elements in the example you have. That way, your tattoo is original and special to you.