Want to get a piercing? Learn more!

We also have piercing sessions available! Our piercer La P’Tite Rebelle is present at Roeselare on Saturdays and at Sint-Niklaas on Wednesdays.

You don’t need to make an appointment for this!

Whether you want a daith piercing, helix or septum, we know how to handle it! Our piercer always brings along a standard set of jewels, but we can also order your choice. The only piercing we don’t do is a venom piercing. These types of piercings could cause permanent damage to your teeth and your tongue.

La P’Tite Rebelle regularly keeps track of new trends and developments so she can advise customers to the best of her abilities.

The prices listed here include the first jewel, warranty, follow-up and replacing the first jewel to one of the right size after 3 weeks.
Rings aren't replaced!
Géraldine always brings a standard array of jewels and can bring extras through custom orders.

Micro dermal: €60 for 1, €55 per piece starting at 2, €50 per piece at 3 pieces
Industrial: €60
Earlobe: €35 for 1, €30 per piece starting at 2
Tepel: €55 voor 1, €100 voor 2
Tongue: €60
Other piercings*: €50
Replacing/taking care of piercings by non-customers: €5
Replacing/taking care of piercings of customers after the first free change: €5

*Géraldine DOESN'T do intimate piercings!