Learning How To Paint Portraits | Portrait Painting With Oil Paints

Inksane organises painting courses classical oil painting. A while ago, we only did this for Inksane artists, but recently we’ve made it possible for everyone to join this workshop! In this blog we explain more about how you can create realistic portraits.

Painting Portraits

People have always felt the need to recreate reality; remaking what we see and translate our vision to something timeless. Portrait painting is a part of this: even though there’s no doubt about how someone looks, it can still make a big difference in what they look like on canvas depending on the individual artist.

Not only we influence this, but also cultural beauty standards, media and what we see as ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’.

Learning how to paint portraits: how do you start?

To paint pictures with oil paint optimally, you need a model that has time to sit for you. You don’t make a masterpiece in 1 day and you need a model that can hold their pose and expression for several sessions.

You also need a good basic understanding of anatomy to understand how a body, and as such a face, works. Without that knowledge, it’s harder to make a realistic and coherent composition that looks like your model. Learning how to paint faces certainly isn’t easy. Where bodies can be translated to abstract forms and movements, faces are all very individual and different. One half of our face doesn’t even look like the other: so it’s important to see that difference!

If you want to start painting portraits, it can be better to take specialized classes. This is because they have models that can sit for you and they can teach you the correct techniques.

What technique is the best technique?

Of course, this is personal preference, based on what you think looks good and what materials you want to use. We recommend classical painting; this technique was used by painters like Da Vinci and translates the topic truthfully at a very high level. This style gives you much insight in using light, shadow, and composition.

It’s definitely not the easiest technique; but there is a lot of satisfaction when you master it.

We can teach you!

Are you interested in learning? Do you want an experienced teacher and an intense course? We recommend Inksane Art Academy! Taylor Scarlett Powell, graduate from the Florence Academy of Art, teaches you the basics of how to paint portraits with oil paint in 2 weeks. Take a look at our website for the next course or to get yourself on our waiting list!