Piercing bubble: an infection?!

HELP! I've got a bubble around my piercing! What do I do now?!

First off: bubbles around your piercing are pretty normal. You’ll live darling!

There's several types of bubbles and there's always a solution. A certified piercer with a good education wil always be able to see what kind of bubble it is and what steps should be taken to get rid of it.

Let's take a look at the most common bubbles.


KeloidsKeloïds or keloïd scars are a benign growth made up of scar tissue.

A keloïd isn't a hypertrophic scar. The difference is that a hypertrophic scar limits itself to the wound, and the scar is thicker and more surface-level. Think of scarification or if you've ever had an operation. Your scar will have been a bit thicker and not even with the skin.

Keloïds don't limit themselves to the wound and could keep growing.
People with darker skin have a higher risk of having keloïds. This can also be hereditary.
The chances of getting a keloïd because of a piercing, however, are very slim. This doesn't mean it's impossible!

A keloïd is hard, smooth and often has randomly spread bumps and shapes.
They are surgically removed or removed through corticosteroids injections.


When a piercing gets infected this usually happens in the first few weeks after getting it, when the wound is still raw and/or open. This can be because of bad hygiene on the part of the piercer, or because of pet hair that's on your pillow and gets into the wound.

When dirt or bacteria enter an open wound, you risk inflammation. Even though most of us have a strong immune system, this can always happen.
This is the reason why we, as piercers, tell you not to touch or fiddle with your piercing, and to always wash your hands before you clean your piercing.
As a piercer, you don't finish any medical studies. We can't determine whether or not you have an infection, but we do know when to point you towards your doctor.

If there is any doubt that there might be an infection, we also won't remove the jewelry from your piercing. If we do that, the upper layer of the skin could grow closed and then the infection is trapped. Only when your doctor recommends it, will we (or the doctor) remove your piercing.

An infection usually has yellow or green pus, is very warm and could cause pain. The area around the infection can also be red, inflammated and painful.

De piercing bump or piercing bubble.

This is a very normal irritation bubble that is usually right around your piercing.

Piercing BubbleStep 1, don't panic!
Every bubble has a cause! Remove the cause, and you remove the bubble. Finding the cause can be frustrating and sometimes complicated, so the best course of action is to visit your piercer and finding out together.

Possible causes are:
- A lopsided piercing (making mistakes is human)
- Low quality jewelry: stainless steel or chirurgical steel contains nickel. A lot of people have reactions to this. Unpolished titanium can contain scratches and this can also be a cause. At Inksane, we only use implant grade titanium delivered by certified suppliers. This cancels out this cause.
- Sleeping on your piercing
- Fiddling with your piercing
- Wrong aftercare
- Using tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, strong soap, shampoo, toothpaste, ...
- Not coming back in time to shorten your piercing to the right size
- Changing the type of jewelry too soon (from a ring to a swab, etc)
- Trauma to the piercing because of a hit or getting stuck on something
- Makeup or other skincare products
- Cleaning the piercing too much
- Wrong anatomy of the piercing
- Being sick
- Swimming, taking a bath, going to the pool, ...

There's many more reasons, but it's best to just visit your piercer to see what the cause is. It's not because you have a bubble that you have a bad piercer! Every certified piercer will help you heal your piercing in the correct manner so it looks awesome. Don't wait and come by as soon as possible!

Also don't believe everything dr. Google tells you. 99% of all those remedies are only temporary.

For more info or questions you can always reach our piercer, La P'tite Rebelle, through Facebook or Instagram.