Inksane Sint-Niklaas: we're back!

Half a year ago, we started a new adventure with much gusto: opening our Inksane studio in Sint-Niklaas.

Shopmanager Maxim and three resident artists (Christa, Jana, and Marta) started with much enthusiasm to make this new tattooshop in the East of Flanders a success story.
After a great opening weekend and a start without any problems, things were looking good. Nobody could predict that in only 3 months the entire world would halt. The cause? Coronavirus. The ensuing measures taken to protect everyone made all non-essential businesses close. This also meant our tattoostudios were forced to close their doors.

A problem?

Perhaps, but problems are meant to be solved! We didn't want to just sit and wait, and went looking for different ways to reach our customers during this forced break. (Everything virtual, of course, #socialdistancing.)

Our new shop already was very active on social media like Facebook and Instagram, but during the lockdownperiod we took our first steps towards a new platform: Youtube. We asked our followers and clients what they always wanted to know about tattoo-artists and went to work. We made a 10-part videoseries where we answer the most popular questions, like "what's the most painful place to get a tattoo?" or "how can I start tattooing?" together with the Inksane team of Roeselare, and some of our international guest artists. You can see those videos here.

It's no secret that this corona-situation was a challenge, and perhaps a downfall, for beginning businesses.

But what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

We are so happy to welcome our first customers on the 19th of May! We're ready to stat with even more spirit!

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