Bio-organic - bio-mechanic tattoo

Soon, we welcome again a guest artist, Roman Hide! Roman is born in Moscou, Russia and loves to tattoo bio-organic tattoos. His style is a little bit dark so he works mostly black 'n grey and sometimes he adds a little bit of color.

Tattoo Robot Mechanic
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He tattoos bio-organic creations and bio-mechanic creations. But what's the difference between these two?

In designs that are bio-organic, the artist often uses elements who are biological. The lines and shapes are inspired by nature and seem to be growing. Organs, coral, plants... get all of their attention. Sometimes we get to see the anatomy of our inside body on our skin.

Bio Organisch Tattoo

Bio-mechanic focuses on machines and mechanism. That mechanism can be seen as a creation like a robot. The designs are often 3-dimensional and show us the machine who's hidden in our body. This style is very technical and the artists use a lot of dark colors.

Bio Mechanisch Tattoo

These two styles make a really good match with the designs of H.R. Giger. You can see this in the picture below.
Giger Bio Mechanic Tattoo
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