New School Tattoo

Kam Azat, a guest artist who was with us before, is coming back to our shop! This artist is specialised in the style 'New School' and share his talent with us next year

Inksane Tattoo & Piercing is a tattoo shop in Roeselare (Belgium), in Europe with permanent local Belgian tattoo artists but also European Tattoo ArtistsEuropean and international guest artists. Our main style is photorealism and portrait tattoos but we can help you with any style you choose, since we invite experts per genre.

What is a ‘New School’ tattoo?

The style 'New School' or 'New Skool' is a modern variant of the 'Old School' style. Below on the left, you can see an example of Old school tattoo and on the right, you can see an example of a new school tattoo.

Old School Tiger TattooOld School Squirrel Tattoo

When we compare this two pictures, we see immediatly the difference between the two styles. New school is a lot more colorful and uses complicated shadows. The fat black outline isn't that obvious present.

New School Kam Azat

The artist takes into account that he needs to use details. Because of that, viewers can join in to observe the design up close.

This style also allows us to play with the perspective. A typical feature of this style is a deformation of the perspective and the proportions. They doesn't seem right but that's just the nice part of it! This designs might seem familiar because of animation movies. Think, for example, about the big eyes!

This big eyes are often used in animal tattoos. An animal who is very popular is the fox. You can see an example of a fox tattoo below.

New School fox Tattoo

Kam Azat is specialised in New Skool, but that doesn't mean he can't do other styles. The neo-traditional style is very comparable with New School, but it's not exacly the same. Azat uses a lot of Japanese designs who have the same colors but are different in subject.

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