Surrealistic tattoos

Some tattoos tell you immediatly what they mean, other tattoos need a lot of fantasie and a personal interpretation. For the ones who are born in a world of dreams, illusions and fantasies, we have very good news!

Inksane Tattoo & Piercing is a tattoo shop in Roeselare (Belgium), in Europe with permanent local Belgian tattoo artists but also European Tattoo ArtistsEuropean and international guest artists. Our main style is photorealism and portrait tattoos but we can help you with any style you choose, since we invite experts per genre.

Tattoo Flowers

Dmitry Khmarsky, a guest artist from Moscou, Russia, is on his way to join us for a while! He's playing with perspective and gravity en is stimulating us to make our own interpretation of his designs.

Color Realism TattooFace Tattoo by Dmitry

His style is comparable with one of the most known surrealists of the world, Salvador Dali. Dmitry creates very colorful tattoos who seems to be painted. The tattoos can be designed 2-dimensional of 3-dimensional. He's not afraid to cross the line between reality and fantasy. Because of that, some objects can be transformated to real surrealistic art.

Realism Tattoo of a Dog

Do you already have a great idea in your mind but you don't really know what to do with that? Fill in our wizard and we will make sure you're idea will become reality!

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