Portrait tattoos

Portraits are a tattoo design that is often requested in our shop. Today, we would like to present to you different types of portraits. Furthermore, we will give you some tips, in order to properly prepare you to take the step of getting one tattooed.


Types of portrait tattoos

The first kind of portrait is a fantasy portrait. This doesn't have to resemble anyone you know. In other words, you can get a portrait of any creature or fictive character.
Secondly, you can get a portrait of a famous person. If you do this, it is most practical if you let your artist choose an appropriate picture for the plans you have. This is advised because not every picture is fit to get tattooed.
The third and last option is a portrait of a family member. If this family member sadly is deceased, you will have to do some effort to find a good picture. If all else fails, you could ask your family members if they by any chance are in the possession of a treasure of a picture. A great picture is the basis of a successful tattoo: the better the picture, the better the finished result will be.

Taking pictures for your portrait tattoo

You can of course also take a new picture and get that one tattooed. If you do this, you should take it with a decent camera and follow instructions given by us. A good picture to tattoo is a picture with much contrast, because this will transfer most beautifully on your skin. This is also the reason why a picture taken by a professional photographer is not always better: they don’t normally take pictures with a lot of contrast. If you’d like them taken by a photographer anyhow, you can do that, but again with instructions from your tattoo artist. A third option is to get the picture taken by us in the shop. This is free of charge and that way we are guaranteed to have a picture that is perfect for tattooing.

Black and grey, or colour?

Black and grey portraits are the easiest to tattoo. Colour portraits are very delicate to tattoo, because tattooing skin colour on skin colour is fairly hard. To make sure the skin colour stands out well, the artist will most of the times work with a contrasting background.
For color portraits we strongly suggest you to take our advice concerning which of our artists is the specialist of the moment to do this.

Ragnar Lothbrok (Realism Tattoo)
Colour portrait tattoo done by our guest artist Stanislav.


Placement of the tattoo portrait

After picking the picture and the design of your portrait, the only thing left to choose is the placement on your body. Most of the times, portrait tattoos won’t be put on a body parts such as the elbow pit and the sides. We take this measurement because the face would get distorted every time the body part moves a certain direction. Your portrait wouldn’t look good all of the times if you would pick such placement. The best body parts to get a portrait tattoo are upper arms, lower arms, thighs etc., because these don’t fold or turn easily and won’t distort your portrait.

Pictures of some portraits done by our artists

Portrait TattooRealism TattooBest Realism Tattoos

Portrait tattoos done by Sandy.

Dead Pool (Realism Tattoo)Tattoo Portrait of an ActorWalter White - Breaking Bad (Tattoo)

Portrait tattoos done by Lego.

Lord of Rings - Realism Tattoo 

Portrait tattoos done by Augis.

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