Our guest artists

As you may know, we work with guest artists on a daily basis. Because this is such an important part of our tattoo shop, we want to make you a bit more familiar with the system of guest spots.


What are guest artists?

Guest artists are tattoo artists that travel to our shop from all over the world, in order to tattoo here for a certain period of time. As a matter of fact, you could compare it with a tattoo convention, but all year round instead of a couple of days, and on a smaller scale. Because we can choose them from the best tattoo artists from all over Europe, or even from the whole world, we can make the best selection for every tattoo style. This means that our guest artists are the best at their particular style. Getting a tattoo by a guest artist is truly a unique opportunity, because some artists will only work in Belgium or Europe for a small amount of time.

How does getting a tattoo by a guest artist work?

Every time we invite a new guest artist, we will announce it on our Facebook and Instagram pages. From then on, you can book tattoos with them. Every artist has their own hour or day rate. If you have a project in mind that would fit perfectly with one of our guest artists, you can always contact us at info@inksane.be to receive more information concerning prices, availabilities and the number of sessions that would be necessary to complete the piece.

The other way around is possible as well. If you already have an idea for a tattoo or a design, you can come to our shop and ask for more information. Our people will help you to chose the best (guest)artist for your design. When we know which artist is going to tattoo your idea, we can give you an idea of the the amount of sessions and the price.

However, if your artist is at our shop only for a select amount of time, your sessions will have to be booked quite closely together. You have to keep in mind that we can book two or three consecutive days for you, but that this will be heavy to endure. Four consecutive session are possible, but only for the experienced tattoo fans who can take quite a lot of pain. Therefore, it's up to you to evaluate how much pain you can take.
Most of our tattoo-artists however, come back frequently, so that allows to spread your bigger project over time.

Do you live far and want to spend the night in Roeselare? That's possible: the Parkhotel is at walking distance from our shop!

Beautiful tattoos from our guest artists!

Augulis Augis
Jura Bedic
Stanislav Buliga
Gennadiy Golovach
Roman Hide
Kam Azat
Dmitry Khmarsky
Kolomachenko Yasik
Krizsan Zoltan
Magnus Oleg
George Paunescu
Olga Sergeeva
Dima Sergeev

Keep in touch with us and our guest artist and register your e-mail in our list on top of the page!