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Blackwork is an extremely interesting tattoo style. However, it is often hard to visualize what exactly is entailed by this term. Therefore, we would like to inform you about what blackwork essentially is.

What is blackwork?

Blackwork is a tattoo style that can be recognized by an absence of colour. What makes this style so unique, is the shape and the contrast of the tattoo. Pure, undiluted ink is used for linework or black areas in the design. This is usually alternated by finer linework, dotwork or a special kind of shading such as whip shading and pepper shading.

What is a dotwork tattoo?

With dotwork, the tattoo is made up of thousands of small dots. The artist doesn't use any lines or shadows. The dark areas of the design are created by dots who stand very close to each other. In the light areas, the dots are standing further from each other.

Deer Tattoo

What are good subjects for blackwork designs?

Any subject can be drawn in this style. Nevertheless, most blackwork artists prefer the dark side of their fantasy. As a result, detailed monsters death and macabre versions of animals, people or objects are frequently occurring subjects. The reason for this particular choice is the absence of colour and "frivolity"; in our daily lives, black is still often linked to dark things. Many people choose these designs because they see beauty and unicity in macabre things. However, not everyone who opts for this style has a dark side: some people pick these designs simply because they like them.

Why choose a blackwork tattoo?

This style has an infinite array of possibilities. The artist can for example vary in line thickness, shading style and size and intensity of black areas in the design. This way, they can give your chosen subject a different vibe, according to your taste. Furthermore, blackwork is also an easy style to add to, in case you might choose to expand your project in the future. Moreover, the contrast between the black ink and your skin colour will make your tattoo stand out, so that everyone will notice your new work of art!

Our blackwork tattoo artist

Are you, just like us, fascinated by the beauty of blackwork and are you interested in starting your own project in this style? Our artist Tessa will gladly help you realize this! She has mastered this style completely and can magnificently turn your desired subject into a blackwork masterpiece!
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