Cover-up tattoos

Are you thinking of getting a cover-up of an old tattoo? It's possible! With the right technique, there's a lot of possibilities, but you're still more limited in your choices of style and artist than with a normal, new tattoo.

Disadvantages of a cover-up tattoo.

- Not all of our artists do cover-ups.
- The artists that will do a cover-up will most likely charge at a higher rate than they would do with a normal tattoo.

Inksane is working with a few artist who often create a cover-up tattoo. If u want to cover your tattoo, it's necessary to inform yourself. You can do this on our contact page .

The artist we are working with are: Magnus Oleg, Alex Juk.

Tips and information for a cover-up tattoo.

- Give your artist the needed freedom!
- For a cover-up we want you to come to talk about your existing tattoo and the idea of the cover-up with your artist. This means you have to come beforehand to show us what tattoo needs to be covered, this can't be done through mail. (You can send an email to fix a date for this talk)
- If you look in the mirror at your old tattoo, do you see un-tattoo'd skin? Or does the old tattoo cover a whole bodypart?
--> If there's still some uncovered skin arround the tattoo, keep in mind that your cover-up will be bigger than this.
--> If there's no un-covered skin on that bodypart (your tattoo is on your whole upper arm), a cover-up tattoo will be A LOT more difficult...
- A dark tattoo is harder to cover than an already faded tattoo (because of the age of the tattoo or lasertreatment)
- A small tattoo is easier to cover than a big tattoo.

The best solution for cover-up

You can also choose to go for lasertreatment for your old tattoo.
We don't do this at our shop.
Be careful of where you would do it! The healing of these wounds are worse than when you would heal a tattoo.
Mostly, there are a lot of sessions needed for the tattoo to be entirely gone. Between each session there needs to be a few weeks recuperation.
Between the last lasersession and the first tattoosession there has to be a few weeks for healing too.
The best option is to get a few lasertreatment sessions, until your tattoo has faded, and then start your cover-up.

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