This style replicates colorful spots like it’s a true watercolor artwork.
Using a minimal amount of black lines is the defining factor that separates this style from most genres. The result is softer tattoos that are constructed by subtle changes in color.
This style is often combined with tight fine line tattoos, like geometric tattoos, script, mandala’s, … This gives a higher contrast. You can combine it with lots of other styles, as well!

You can also get one of these without any black, of course: these tattoos will look most like aquarelle paintings. The colors melt together with the skin and blur at the edges. Artists use a special type of shading to have the borders flow together with the body. It’s like they painted right on top of the skin.
This is a very recent style, considering tattoo artists were limited in the past when it came to the amount of colors available.
Every subject can be translated into a marvellous watercolor tattoo.

You can also get one of these colorful pieces of art at Inksane! Keep in mind, when you propose an idea for this style, that you need enough contrast. This will make sure the colors don’t fade too fast.