Old School is one of the oldest Western tattoo styles. This tattoo style is also often called Traditional Americana. This is because America was involved in many major wars. American sailors and soldiers wore the Old School style most often. Because of the war, they discovered new cultures with different styles and ideas. Soldiers didn't just have their tattoos as a symbol of protection or remembrance of their loved ones. These tattoos were also a means of identification for their bodies if they died in war. Subjects such as animals, military symbols, religious images and shapes were very popular. Each tattoo had a specific meaning.  
The Old School style uses black thick edges because black ink barely fades and retains its shape for decades. Old School tattoos handle colors sparingly. People used to be limited in their use of color by what was available at the time. The color palette is limited to yellow, red, green, purple and black. The illustrative part is mainly based on European designs, but the black lines are a technique adopted from indigenous tribes.