The Maori/Polynesian/Pacific/… style of tattooing has its heritage in New-Zealand, and other territories where authentic tribes tattoo each other as a symbol for their experiences, functions in the tribe, recognition for their deeds, …
The meaning of Maori tattoos are always related to the person that is getting them.
This can relate to family, power, your career, personality, your experiences, …

This style is mostly known as sleeves on arms and legs, but was also placed on the face as a tradition. Back in the day, they’d make these tattoos using an assortment of chisels of different sizes, that made holes in the skin. In these holes they’d put the ink. Some chisels had a straight edge and others a serrated edge.
Luckily most Maori tattoos today are done with standard tattoo machines!

The color is limited to black, where depending on what’s colored and what’s not, the tattoo has a different meaning. Sometimes they’ll add 1 specific color, mostly red.
These tattoos are only done freehand because they have to flow along with the lines of the body and fit the skin really well.