Kom spontaan langs of maak een afspraak met onze receptie:

Kom langs in 1 van onze shops of maak een afspraak bij onze receptie voor de bespreking van jouw project. Inboeken kan via onderstaande knoppen of met het invullen van onderstaand formulier. Zo weten wij ook meteen wat jouw gewenste tattoo is en kunnen we alvast de geschikte artiest voor je uitzoeken.

Je kan natuurlijk altijd langskomen zonder afspraak.  


Free Consultation


Our colleagues at the reception select an artist perfect for your project based on your examples and the style you want it in. You can talk to them from Tuesday to Saturday (from 11h to 18h).

They will guide you through all the different styles and subjects, pointing you to the artist that can translate your idea into a timeless and unregrettable tattoo.

Have you already decided on an artist for your tattoo?
Then you can also ask to discuss the design with the artist. That way, you can communicate what’s good and what needs to be changed. Our artists always do their utmost best to translate your idea into a design, so your input is very important!

The creative artist will dip a needle into your soul.
Explaining your idea or symbolism to our reception will make sure the artists can make their own creative interpretation of it.
It's important to know we don't copy other tattoos
; our artists will do something unique for you!
Be creative and original and let our world class artists help you get the best quality!