Free Aftercare

At Inksane we don’t only give you exciting new tattoos, but we also help you with the appropriate aftercare.
Tattoos are wounds and should be taken care of properly. We’ll help you do this!

Our colleagues at the reception will give you an explanation about how to care for your new ink as well as a soothing balm you can apply.

Aftercare of a tattoo

The foil covering your tattoo can be removed after 4 hours.
Wash your tattoo with mild soap or Tattoo Cleanser by Sorry Mom. You don't have to reapply the foil, except when you come into contact with a lot of dust or dirt. Don't use any balm that day! The tattoo can dry out first.
The first day after placement you can wash the tattoo as described above, 3 times a day. As long as there's no crusts or scabs you can wash it before applying the balm.
Once there's scabs or crusts, you don't wash the tattoo anymore! Only use the balm. Use a thin layer and rub it in really well. You can do this 3 times a day for the next 2 to 3 weeks.
Don’t use too much balm, give your tattoo room to breathe. Also avoid tanning salons, saunas, pools, exposure to the harsh sun or bathing it too long. Don’t pick at scabs.
How you take care of your tattoo determines how it’ll look in the end, so take good care of it!
When you experience discomfort or unusual things during the healing process (like extreme redness, a burning sensation or damage), come to our shop and show it to us!

Aftercare of Tattoo

Aftercare of a piercing

The aftercare of a piercing highly depends on the format and the placement. Take note of the tips our piercer gives you and keep them in mind!

Aftercare of piercing

Aftercare of permanent makeup

The first 24 hours after a treatment you can’t let the permanent makeup touch water. There will also be crusts appearing where the makeup was applied. Don’t scratch at these!
You also can’t use any makeup until all crusts have disappeared, which usually takes a week. In the case of swelling, you can apply a cold pack or ice. Don’t apply this directly to the permanent makeup! It’s better to use a sterile cloth in between.
After healing, the colour and thickness of the eyeliner will be finer. Eyebrows also turn a bit lighter. If you applied permanent makeup to your lips, the colour could disappear completely before it returns after 2 weeks.
After a minimum of 4 weeks, you can come back to retouch the makeup. This can be asked a maximum of 3 months after application. This is included in the price.