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Piercings: implant grade titanium or surgical steel?

I often hear people say: "My piercings are made of surgical steel, and since it's used in surgeries, it is top-notch quality for sure!" WRONG!

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Piercing bubble: an infection?!

HELP! I've got a bubble around my piercing! What do I do now?!

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Inksane Sint-Niklaas: we're back!

Half a year ago, we started a new adventure with much gusto: opening our Inksane studio in Sint-Niklaas.

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Bio-organic - bio-mechanic tattoo

Soon, we welcome again a guest artist, Roman Hide! Roman is born in Moscou, Russia and loves to tattoo bio-organic tattoos. His style is a little bit dark so he works mostly black 'n grey and sometimes he adds a little bit of color.

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New School Tattoo

Kam Azat, a guest artist who was with us before, is coming back to our shop! This artist is specialised in the style 'New School' and share his talent with us next year

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Realistic tattoo Belgium

The starting point of our tattooshop is photorealism and tattoo portraits. That doens't mean you can't come to us with other styles because we can do every style!

Realistic Tiger Tattoo

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