The right artist for your next tattoo

Artem Sever

Hier stellen we Artem Sever aan je voor, een gastartiest die van veel markten thuis is. Hij specialiseert zich vooral in realisme in black and grey and kleur, maar bij hem kan je ook terecht voor blackwork and covers.

Naast zijn talent voor tatoeëren blinkt hij ook uit in het contact met zijn klanten. Hij is vlot in de omgang en gaat graag in gesprek om zo samen met zijn klant tot het ideale design te komen.


portret in kleur

Hier zie je een tattoo voor een echte Lord of the Rings fan.

Een portret in kleur van Gandalf, en in het ‘negatief’ (=daar zit geen inkt) kan je elfentaal zien.

Binnenkant van een onderarm, gezet in 2 sessies.


Grote projecten zijn geen probleem voor Artem. Hier zie je een black and grey sleeve met The witcher als thema.

Fan van Blackwork?

eagle op de borst

Over veelzijdigheid gesproken, voor Blackwork kan je ook bij Artem Sever terecht. Hij heeft ongeveer 6-7 uur aan deze arend gewerkt.


Er staan verschillende guestspots voor Artem vast, verspreid over 2022 en over onze verschillende shops. Dat betekent dat je gerust aan een groter project kan beginnen, en verspreid over tijd er kan aan doorwerken.


coverup op binnenkant onderarm


binnenkant onderarm


What our customers have to say

"They assign you to the artist that is best suited for the style of the tattoo that you want. Good prices and very friendly staff."
“Amazing artists, spotlessly clean shop, friendly staff. Everbody was super sweet and helped translate forms and aftercare instructions into English for us.”

How does it work?

Bij Inksane hebben we een reeks artiesten die elk in hun eigen stijl gespecialiseerd zijn.
Artem Sever is er één van.


It’s the task of our Inksane reception to match every application to the right artist. When you send us an e-mail (, we will find out which tattoo style you want and thus also which artist is the one for you and your idea. Sometimes it’s necessary to send a couple of e-mails back and forth to make sure we have enough info to select the right artists for you.


Make a tattoo appointment

Als je zelf al een voorkeur hebt voor een bepaalde artiest, bv. Artem Sever, dan gaan we nog steeds dubbel checken of deze artiest bij jouw project past.


If he doesn’t fit your project, we will make you another proposal.
For example, if it turns out from your emails that you mainly want line work, but this artist only specializes in realism (which does not include line work), then we are going to suggest a line work specialist to you instead.


Chose an artist yourself

Because of the fact that Al is a foreign artist, he isn't permanently available here with us.
When you make your appointment, he will most likely not be here in Belgium.

Je kan ons voorbeelden sturen van wat je graag ziet, maar dat hoeft niet. Idealiter zijn die voorbeelden werken van Artem zelf.
Het beste wat je kan doen is in woorden uitleggen wat je wilt: bv.  ‘ik wil het portret van mijn hond, in kleur, op mijn onderarm’. Dan gaat Artem zelf zijn eigen compositie maken met jouw aangeleverde foto.


Tattoo idea

You will see your design on the day of your appointment. There's only one client booked per day. We start at 11 o'clock.
There's always enough time to discuss or adapt your design.

Als je er op staat om je design op voorhand al te zien, bv. enkele dagen eerder, dan kan dat. Het is ook mogelijk dat Artem tijdens deze bespreking nog even verder moet overleggen voor hij zijn design kan afwerken.

Such an extra appointment takes+- 30 min. That simply means that your tattoo appointment may not fall in the beginning of his Belgian guest spot (=period in which he is with us), but rather towards the middle or end.


See the design

Request price and date proposal (free):

Via this form you can tell us what tattoo project you have in mind.
We will give you more information if necessary and a price proposal.
Als dat blijkt niet ideaal te zijn voor Artem Sever, maar eerder voor een andere artiest van ons, zeggen we je dat ook.
With the price proposal, you will also get one or more available dates.
You are free to decide if you want to fix a date or not.
Requesting this information is entirely free!

Which Inksane location do you prefer?

The free dates under here are always up to date and only an indication:

No upcomming dates known yet.

Inksane sint-niklaas

Gastenperiode Inksane sint-niklaas
2022-08-01 tot en met 2022-08-21
Available dates
01 aug02 aug03 aug04 aug05 aug
06 aug07 aug08 aug09 aug10 aug
11 aug12 aug13 aug14 aug15 aug
16 aug17 aug18 aug19 aug20 aug
21 aug
Gastenperiode Inksane sint-niklaas
2022-10-25 tot en met 2022-11-13
Available dates
25 okt26 okt27 okt28 okt29 okt
30 okt31 okt01 nov02 nov03 nov
04 nov05 nov06 nov07 nov08 nov
09 nov10 nov11 nov12 nov13 nov

Inksane Brussels

Gastenperiode Inksane Brussels
2022-08-23 until 2022-09-04
Available dates
23 aug24 aug25 aug26 aug27 aug
28 aug29 aug30 aug31 aug01 sept
02 sept03 sept04 sept

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All shops are open from Tuesday until Saturday, from 11.00h. - 18.00h.

Appointments with guest artists can also happen on Sundays or Mondays.

Our reception takes care of the bookings, organization and appointments.

Vaak gaan de hoge artistieke eigenschappen van onze artiesten gepaard met lagere people- en organisatieskills 😉
This is not always the case, but it's a guideline.

Most of the time yes, but contact our reception to be sure!

Our reception is open from Tuesday until Saturday.
You can walk in without appointment, with all your questions.

Appointments with our guestartists could be on a Sunday, Monday or holiday because they work 7/7 for the short period they are here.

A guest artist is a high level artist from another country coming to our shop for a short period of time (for example 3 weeks).

Checking the design always happens in our shop. We don't send the design by e-mail. Because your guest artist is not in the shop permanently, checking your design beforehand is not easy. If you really want to see your design beforehand, we will schedule an appointment of 15 minutes on day 1 and your tattoo appointment will be on day 5 for example.

We schedule one client per guest artist a day. on the day of your appointment you will have enough time to discuss and adapt your design if necessary.

Do you want to see the design beforehand? Be sure to let the reception know when booking your appointment.

You can pay with cash, card and Inksane gift vouchers.

This is possible online or at the reception!

Inksane Cadeaubon

You can choose the amount.

Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year (the appointment has to be made within 1 year, the tattoo can happen afterwards).
Tijdens corona jaren letten we uiteraard niet op deze vervaldatum 😉

You can use this gift voucher for tattoos and piercings in all of our shops.

There is no general price list. There are different tattoo artists: each of them has its own price rates and waiting period.

Some artists work with an hourly rate, others with a set price.
Our guest artists mostly have a day session price rate.

If you send us an e-mail with the tattoo you have in mind, we can give you a price estimation. For this, we have to know what you want, which style, size, color or black and grey and body placement. If you don't know how big the tattoo should be or where to place it.. don't worry, our reception is happy to help you!

With this information our reception can propose an artist to you and give you a price estimation. All this with a smile and free of charge.

For sure!

Every Inksane shop has a reception ready to answer your questions. You don't need an appointment to come in.

If it seems necessary to have a chat with the artist, we check if that is possible. If not, we will book in a short appointment to discuss your idea with the artist.

This depends on several factors:

  • The style (and thus the fitting artist. Every artist has its own price).
  • The size of your arm.
  • The complexity (or simplicity) of the design.
  • Color or black and grey.
  • Your skin type: We only know this when we start tattooing. Some skin types take the ink easily, for other skin types it can take up to 3 times more time before the skin takes the ink well.

A couple of ground rules:

  • 4 sessions with styles such as biomech subgenres, scripting and other classic allround.
  • 5 to 7 sessions with black and grey photorealism.
  • 9 sessions for full color realism.

Our reception is trained in estimating the amount of sessions needed.
If you mail us (or stop by) your idea, we will ask the necessary questions. After this we can propose you one or more artists and give you a price estimation and waiting period.

A day session with the same tattoo artist has the same price, whether it's color or black and grey.
An artist specialized in color is not more expensive than an artist specialized in black and grey.

Though black and grey tattoos go faster, so you will see more result after one day session.

Een weetje: onze realism-artiesten doen bijna altijd liever full-color 🙂

Yes, when booking an appointment we ask to pay a deposit.
With a guest artist it's mostly 150 euro.

If you book in via e-mail , you will receive an automatic e-mail with a payment button.
Via this button you will go to our deposit section and you can pay online.

If you book in via the reception, you will have to pay the deposit in the shop. This is possible with cash, card or an Inksane gift voucher.

You may bring maximum 1 person to your appointment.

If you are booked for a day session, we do not recommend this. It will be a long day for your partner.

Resident artists are our Belgian tattoo artists, that are in the shop every day.
Most of the time these artists are trained by us. They also speak (most of them) Dutch.

Guest artists are high skilled artists that we select from all over the world.
They never speak Dutch, but mostly English.

A guest artist is only here for a limited period. For example 3 weeks.
95% of our guest artists return on a regular base, so you can book in bigger projects with them, spread over time.

If you don't show up to your appointment, this deposit is lost.

Also, if you cancel less than two business days before, you will lose the deposit.

Gastartiesten zijn hier maar voor een beperkte tijd, en hun Inksane-agenda ligt al een tijdje vast. Ze rekenen op je komst.
Daarom is het niet mogelijk om last-minute een andere klant te vinden.

When did you cancel? 

  • No show = deposit lost.
  • Cancelling less than two business days before (business days = Tuesday until Saturday) = deposit lost.
  • Cancelling more than two business days in advance (business days = Tuesday until Saturday) = deposit stays.

What if you cancelled on time? 

  • You can leave the deposit in our system until you book in again or you can receive it back as a gift voucher. The gift voucher doesn't mention a name so you can give it away as well.
  • If you book in again immediately after moving the appointment, we will transfer your deposit.
  • If you change from Inksane shop or Inksane artist, your deposit stays valid.

Een voorschot wordt nooit cash of via overschrijving terugbetaald.

This is again different for every artist, but here are some ground rules:

  • The session starts at the earliest at 11h.
  • After this it will take approximately one hour to discuss the design, anatomy, placing the stencil, setting up the booth...
  • After that, your tattoo artist will continue until your design is ready. This could be at 15.00h but this could also be at 18.00h.
  • Don't plan your day that you need to be home at a specific hour.

Op welk uur je sessie klaar is, heeft geen invloed op de prijs. Je prijs is een vaste dagprijs, en dient om het ontwerp van die dag af te krijgen.
De huid van sommige klanten neemt makkelijk inkt op, waardoor we snel klaar zijn, maar het kan evengoed omgekeerd zijn.

Some of our artists do cover-ups, some do not.

If you want a cover-up, say this from the start.

De meeste artiesten kunnen een kleine tattoo coveren met een veel groter ontwerp. Daarbij hebben we 2 cover-up specialisten: als je oude tattoo je hele bovenarm inneemt, kan je nieuwe tattoo niet veel groter zijn. De specialist zal samen met jou tonen wat er mogelijk is.

Wat moet je weten over een cover-up tattoo:

  • A cover-up is always darker than your original tattoo.
  • You cannot use light elements or styles to cover (for example a portrait or a rose).
  • Give your artist as much freedom as possible. This way you will get the best result.
  • Ideally you laser your old tattoo a couple of times. The tattoo doesn't need to be gone but if the tattoo is already a little bit lighter, a lot of new possibilities open up for the new tattoo. 

Are you looking for a good tattoo laser company? Ask our reception.

Yes, but we first need to see your old tattoo. Send us some clear photos if you want to book in via mail or even better, if you stop by the shop.
Our reception will propose some possible Inksane artists for you.

Als je tattoo nog vers is, is het belangrijk dat je huid niet te vochtig blijft.
Je huid zal dan minder inkt vasthouden, met als resultaat dat je tattoo verbleekt.

Bathing, swimming, sauna, sweating, though work outs... they make or skin soft and it is therefore not recommended.

We raden aan om ongeveer 3 weken niet te sporten/zwemmen/baden/sauna te nemen.

Nee: zonnebaden of zonnebank raden wij af. Dit niet enkel tijdens de eerste weken na je tattoo, maar ook daarna: een tattoo is pas genezen na 3 maanden.

A tattoo is based on contrast. The lightest part of your tattoo is your skin tone. The darkest part is the blackest ink. If you go sunbathing a lot, your skin gets darker and also the lightest part of your tattoo. In this way you will have less contrast and your tattoo will be less 'readable'.

Long sun exposure can break down the tattoo pigment. Pay attention to this for the rest of your life.

It doesn't matter really, as long as you don't expose the tattoo to sun, don't go swimming...
Getting your lower arm tattooed right before you leave for a holiday is not very wise.

During winter/autumn/spring makes more sense but tattooing during summer shouldn't be a restriction.


There isn't a direct side effect between tattooing and a pregnancy but it's better to not take any risks during this period.

Een hele dag de pijn verbijten haalt ook je immuunsysteem wat naar beneden. Je zal moe zijn na zo’n sessie (zwanger of niet 😉 ).
You want to avoid this because you need your energy for the baby.

We hebben een webshop met high-end piercing juwelen. Je kan ook online een afspraak vastleggen om je te laten piercen.

Dit kan in elk van onze drie studio’s (Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas, Brussel).