Art Academy

We offer classical painting courses with oil paint. Want more info or want to apply? Click here!

Classical painting

Inksane Art Academy offers courses in classical oilpainting.

These courses are given according to the traditional method used by masters from the 19th century like Rembrandt and Da Vinci.

We’re convinced an artist needs to be able to be 100% concentrated on their current work and need to be in the right ‘mindset’ to create a masterpiece.
That’s why our courses are very intense and have a short duration.
The next set of courses takes place in September.
We only collaborate with the best and most experienced teachers. Most of the time, they are from other countries. This is because they are among the best European artists.

Our course

Every teacher has their speciality and only teaches that. Courses are taught in English.
Our courses are a good fit for any type of artist. Our students include but are not limited to digital painters, game developers, tattoo artists, comic artists, airbrushers, …

We teach you how to comprehend light and shadow, give a painting dimension, how to see more details, how to think about your composition, how to put more concise work in a piece of art, ...