Tattoo Course & Training | Tattoo Apprenticeship Belgium


 Determined to learn how to tattoo? Do you have a convincing portfolio of drawings, paintings, sketches, ...? Do you have a unique set of skills, perseverance & team spirit? 


At Inksane, we occasionally give a talented apprentice the chance to learn our craft. 

As you probably already know, our team consists of regular artists and performers from all over the world. 

As a result we have a unique range of styles & people from which you can learn and grow. 

The path you take in this training starts with basic all-round assignments which you go through to grow in creating your own style. 


Some important points 


What our apprenticeship is NOT: 

A training of certain duration after which you go your own way and for which anyone can apply. 

We only train people in whom we see a clear future and who want to work and grow within Inksane. 


In the first phase you get digital drawing lessons, which you can follow at your own pace from home. Our online tool provides the necessary videos with all the basic tips & tricks and the possibility to watch them again. In these videos you get all explanations + accompanying exercises that focus on further expanding your skills. 

There are several topics covered including: drawing lessons, but also anatomy, color theory, shadows, applied accounting, color picking, skin, machines and other equipment, and explains in detail the different tattoo styles.  

You send in your homework per video or come by to discuss the results. We will guide you where necessary and together we will make sure you will eventually have a high quality tattoo portfolio. 


The online tool can be followed at your own pace and gives you some breathing space because it can be combined with any current job/study. 

After completing this course your apprenticeship starts in the shop. From now on the training cannot be combined with a job or other training. 

Once in the shop, you will be trained and coached one-on-one by top artists, with years of experience, who excel in their profession and have proven themselves on several occasions, for example by winning tattoo fairs. 


Who do we select? 

At Inksane we are looking for a creative person who wants to grow into a full-fledged tattoo artist. 

This creativity can be shown to us in different ways: drawings, paintings, digital work, airbrush, ... 

We don't expect perfect masterpieces, but want to see potential & a constant in your work. 

Curiosity and the ability to work in a team is a must! 

We do not expect artistic degrees, although this can be an advantage. 


Characteristics apprentice: 





- Common sense 

- Team player 


What does an apprenticeship entail? 


Starting this apprenticeship and growing into a full-fledged artist really makes tattooing a way of life. 

Don't expect a 9 to 5 job, creating the perfect design takes a lot of hours. 

We provide all the necessary training and guidance during your apprenticeship. 

This training is not only drawing and tattooing, but also helps you further with e.g. applied accounting, dermatology basics, how do machines work? Which needles are used for what? How do I adapt my design to my client's anatomy? 


Our training is not limited in time. You start as an apprentice, and automatically grow into a full-fledged artist. You continue to learn from the artists around you throughout your career. 

The contact between the clients and Inksane happens through our receptionist who guides the client to his matching artist. 

We therefore also help you with a large part of the administration so that your focus remains mainly on the creative. 


What makes our program so unique? 


The range of national and international top artists gives you the opportunity to get to know their methods and stories. 

The 1 on 1 follow-up of all this makes for an unseen and varied training. 

Because of this variety you also get to know yourself better and you can continue to grow in your own unique characteristics/style within tattooing. 


There are three phases: 

-online tool, drawing  

-practicing on fake skin 

-practicing on free clients 


How long each phase takes depends entirely on you and will be assessed by us each time. 

Once you have completed the drawing lesson, and can start practicing full time in the shop, you can count on 1-2 months of lead time. 

Once you have completed this process, you are fully ready to start working on actual customers and start earning money. 

Our job as Inksane is to provide you with clients that fit your needs, so you can continue to grow. 




The training is mainly held in Roeselare. 

Before you start, we may make agreements about which Inksane studio is your target for after the training. 



Not everyone is eligible to work with us. 

We therefore expect the correct attitude and portfolio. 

These 2 will determine whether you will be hired. 

Also keep in mind that starting this training involves some costs. 

Costs for the training itself, material, start-up costs independent status, hygiene training. 

This will be discussed in detail during the first interview. 


You can apply by sending an email to tom@inksane.be, mentioning some information about yourself, your portfolio and your motivation. 

Good luck!