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Do you want a complete career change?

Have you just graduated and are you dreaming of an interesting career?
Or are you looking for a complete change of pace, and do you want to head in a more artistic direction?
This can be the greatest challenge of your life!

You might know this already, but Inksane currently has two locations: Roeselare and Sint-Niklaas.
We'll be adding more locations to that list next year.

It can be risky starting a tattoo apprenticeship that leads to an independent career afterwards, but we offer the opportunity to grow and be supported in an existing team of exceptional artists!
At Inksane, the apprenticeship follows a 1 on 1 coaching done by great artists who have years of experience tattooing. They've won several awards at conventions and are experts. No classic teachers...


Who are we looking for?

A creative person, who has spent their whole life drawing and/or painting.
Someone with a big portfolio, that can show us that drawing has influenced your life.
The portfolio can contain anything: drawings, paintings, digital art, airbrush, ... You don't have to have any experience tattooing! We encourage an individual style, but you don't need this to start with.
You also need to be able to function in a team, and be involved personally in your projects.

What's an apprenticeship like?

A 'job' as a tattoo artists is not a normal 9-to5 job. It's a way of life!
You work as an independent entrepreneur, with your own VAT-number, in an exclusive Inksane location.
No experience as a tattoo artist? Make sure your portfolio can convince us to hire you!

During your apprenticeship you will have a personal mentor who will give you all the necessary training and info, 1 on 1.
How do tattoo machines work? Which needles are needed for which projects? How do I make a design that fits the anatomy of the client?
Our apprenticeship isn't limited in time. You start as an apprentice and you grow into an independent artist. Your whole career, you can learn from your colleagues.
Artists at Inksane get their appointments booked by the reception desk.
Most of the administrative work is also done for you by our capable team. Our artists can completely focus on the creative aspect of tattooing!

The cost of an apprenticeship

During your apprenticeship, you don't earn any money. This is not something you can combine with another job or way of earning money on the side.

There are 3 phases: drawing, practicing on fake skin, and practicing on customers who don't have to pay.
The duration of every phase depends entirely on you. Generally, it takes between 0.5 and 4 months, depending on how much you know beforehand.
After this you'll work on real clients, and are able to earn a living!

The apprenticeship costs €4300 (+ 21% VAT).
3000€is what you need to pay by yourself, and €1300 can be paid by the government through the service of the 'KMO-portefeuille'.
As an entrepreneur, you earn back your paid VAT every quarter of the year.

On top of that, you need to buy a tattoo machine (this can happen during the apprenticeship, when you know more about the different types of machines), which costs around €600 to €800.
All other disposable materials (needles, ink, gloves, ...) are paid for by Inksane.


The apprenticeship takes place in Roeselare, during the entirety of the apprenticeship.
After about 1 year, you can choose in which Inksane-location you'd like to work.
We are currently planning several new locations, all over Belgium.

The ideal apprentice

Talent is overrated!
You don't have to be a natural to start tattooing.
What you really need is a lot of persevarance. Hard work pays off! If you can do the hours necessary to become a good tattoo artist, and you spend time in an environment that is creative and focused on learning, than you can apply to be an apprentice. If you really want this, and you are convinced you will do whatever it takes to master the needed knowledge, Inksane is the place to be.
Our team will help you get to a higher level, both professionally and personally!

Characteristicsof an apprentice

- Enthusiasm
- Perseverance
- Persistence
- Common sense
- Teamplayer

You don't need any artistic degrees.
We do ask you to show us a portfolio that displays how art has been a part of your life and how you (in school or on your own) have learned a few things.
During the apprenticeship, you will develop a better portfolio.


Content of the apprenticeship

These things will certainly be done. Considering the apprenticeship is 1-on-1, you can learn anything you want from us!
Our mentors are accomplished and experienced artists who've proven their profeciency multiple times.
No regular school teachers are found here!

- Making your own designs, from start to finish.
- Develop a design in different tattoo styles.
- An eye for composition, flow and anatomy of your canvas.
- Knowledge of colour theory, warm/cold colors, background/foreground, complementary colours, different types of colour palettes, ...
- Working out designs in different styles.
- Shadow/light

+ of course, everything tattoo related:

- machines, needles, materials
- hygiene, sterilising, maintenance
- making stencils
- different skintypes
- tattootechniques: lines, shading, colours, even patches, transitions, dotwork, peppershading, ..
- how to professionally talk to clients
- risks of the profession
- relevant accounting
- Social media
- taking pictures of your work


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