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At Inksane, our professional front desk guarantees for a perfect match making between you and your artist.
As a customer, you simply tell us your story and preferences, which we then use to suggest to you some of our most suitable artists, including their waiting time and price.

We make sure to personally select the best artist available.
From Belgium, Europe, and beyond.

Tattoo styles

Our artists usually each specialize in 1 or 2 genres. Below you'll find every genre for which we have a (guest) artist available.

Surrealistische tattoo op onderarm, gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing. Vrouwengezicht met rubics cube.


Surrealism is destructive, but is destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our

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With micro-realism, every detail is worked out meticulously. Although these tattoos are small they contain...

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kleine tattoo


small tattoos.... ..small but nice huh When you hear the word small, you actually know

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If you already roughly know what you would like, please fill out our booking form. We'll reply with an example of which artist(s) would best suit your project, and at which price (class) they work. After that, the choice is fully yours.

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Go through our wizard in which we ask all necessary questions. After that, we'll email you back with the ideal artist(s) for you with their prices and available dates.


We also have a professional piercer in each of our shops.

Art Academy

Occasionally we organize workshops

Our artists

This is just a small selection from our team of specialized artists.

For the complete list click below:

Tattoo artiest Glenn cornelis
Resident artist

Glenn Cornelis

Guest artist

Maycon Espindola

Gennadiy, gastartiest bij Inksane, plaatst een tattoo op de bovenarm van een klant.
Guest artist in action

Gennadiy Golovach

What our customers think of us:

Super happy with my new acquisition! If I'd have to recommend someone for a fine line tattoo, you would be the right person. Inksane tattoo knows perfectly which artists they need to match you with in order to give you a beautiful tattoo.

Ann Andries
Ann Andries