Bio-organic - bio-mechanic tattoo

Soon, we welcome again a guest artist, Roman Hide! Roman is born in Moscou, Russia and loves to tattoo bio-organic tattoos. His style is a little bit dark so he works mostly black 'n grey and sometimes he adds a little bit of color.

New School Tattoo

Kam Azat, a guest artist who was with us before, is coming back to our shop! This artist is specialised in the style 'New School' and share his talent with us next year

Blackwork Tattoos Belgium

Blackwork is an extremely interesting tattoo style. However, it is often hard to visualize what exactly is entailed by this term. Therefore, we would like to inform you about what blackwork essentially is.

Realistic tattoo Belgium

The starting point of our tattooshop is photorealism and tattoo portraits. That doens't mean you can't come to us with other styles because we can do every style!

Different tattoo styles

We don't want to give everything a label, but to give you a guideline and to help us decide which artist is best for you and your project, we want to give you this information.

Surrealistic tattoos

Some tattoos tell you immediatly what they mean, other tattoos need a lot of fantasie and a personal interpretation. For the ones who are born in a world of dreams, illusions and fantasies, we have very good news!

Cover-up tattoos

Are you thinking of getting a cover-up of an old tattoo? It's possible! With the right technique, there's a lot of possibilities, but you're still more limited in your choices of style and artist than with a normal, new tattoo.

Our guest artists

As you may know, we work with guest artists on a daily basis. Because this is such an important part of our tattoo shop, we want to make you a bit more familiar with the system of guest spots.

6 questions about a tattoo sleeve

A sleeve means covering your whole arm in tattoos, so it mimics how a real sleeve would be.
A half-sleeve therefore is covering only half of your arm in tattoos, this can be only the upper arm or the lower arm.
For the people who are thinking of getting a sleeve or half-sleeve, we want to give you the following information.

Portrait tattoos

Portraits are a tattoo design that is often requested in our shop. Today, we would like to present to you different types of portraits. Furthermore, we will give you some tips, in order to properly prepare you to take the step of getting one tattooed.

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